IPv6 Working Group in CUDI
Corporación Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet

From its beginning the "RedCUDI" (known as the Internet2 Network of Mexico) has worked with IPv4 however, gradually it has begun to use IPv6 from the Backbone to the terminal equipments, for this reason it is necessary to develop and use applications with IPv6 support.

In this page you find the information of the current works that are been done by the IPv6 Working Group of CUDI (Corporación Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet) in Mexico.


0. Install and prove IPv6 in Internet.
1. Install and prove IPv6 in "RedCUDI".
2. Use and develop IPv6 applications.

Joining the IPv6 Working Group
(only for institutions members ofCUDI)

Send a message to: staff_ipv6@ipv6.unam.mx
indicating the following:

* Name:
* Address:

* Country:
* If you currently have a Mexican Internet2 connection:
* Interests and reasons to be part of the group

Once you hear confirmation, you will be a a member of the group.




  • IPv6 Multicast in OSTN. (Work suspended)
    In collaboration with other Working Groups of CUDI.

  • IPv6 Multicast in Opera Oberta. (Work suspended)
    In collaboration with other Working Groups of CUDI.

  • Native IPv6 Network in Latin America. (Work in progress)
    In collaboration with the IPv6 Working Group of CLARA.

Monitoring Tools:

Work in Progress:

  • IPv6 connection among the participants.
  • Tests of security tools.
  • Tests with different IPv6 applications.

Events and Participations:

Interesting Sites:

CUDI www.cudi.edu.mx (in Spanish) (IPv6 and IPv4 accessible)

UNAM´s Internet2 Ex-Portal www.internet2.unam.mx (in Spanish)

RedCUDI Network Operation Center www.noc-internet2.unam.mx (in Spanish) (IPv6 and IPv4 accessible)

Mexican RFCs for RedCUDI rfc.cudi.edu.mx (in Spanish) (IPv6 and IPv4 accessible)

Other Working Groups:

IPv6 in USA
(IPv6 and IPv4 accessible)

http://www.redclara.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=77&Itemid=151 (in Spanish)
Wiki of the IPv6 WG (in English)

Multicast http://multicast.mty.itesm.mx/cudi.htm (in Spanish)

Ex-WG QoS http://telematica.cicese.mx/internetII/qcudi/qos_cudi.html (in Spanish)

Security seguridad.cudi.edu.mx (in Spanish) (IPv6 and IPv4 accessible)

Training WG http://www.cudi.edu.mx/capacitacion/index.html